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EFRS invitation for the Annual General Meeting 2018

To all EFRS member organisations

Attached you receive the invitation to attend the EFRS Annual General Meeting 2018 with travel and accommodation information.

The online registration will open the first of September. Full member organisations can register two delegates, affiliate member organisations one.

We count on welcoming many of you in Remscheid to meet and to celebrate the first 10 years of our existence!

On behalf of the EFRS Board,
Dorien Pronk-Larive

ECR 2018 – Budite deo evropskog najuglednijeg sastanka radiologije


Evropski kongres radiologije (ECR) je godišnji sastanak Evropskog Društva za Radiologiju (ESR) i najveći sastanak u Evropi za radiologe i inžinjere medicinske radiologije. Idući ECR, čiji moto je RAZLIČIT & UJEDINIT, će se održati u lepom Beču od 2. februara do 4. marta, 2018. Kongres sadrži bogat naučni i edukativni program za inžinjere medicinske radiologije i nudi posebne programe podrške.

Pripreme za ECR su u punom teku i podnošenje sažetaka je već moguće od 3. maja, 2017 (krajnji rok je 10. oktobar, 2017). Za više informacija o podnošenju sažetaka, molimo Vas kliknite ovde:

U tom kontekstu, jako je važno promovisati naša dva programa podrške za inžinjere medicinske radiologije, „Shape you skills“ (namenjen inžinjerima medicinske radiologije na početku njihove karijere) i „Invest in the Youth“ (namenjen studentima radiološke tehnologije) koja su povezana sa podošenjem sažetaka kao i sa ESR 2017 članstvom. Za više informacija o oba programa, molimo Vas kliknite na linkove ispod:


Molimo Vas da imate na umu da je krajnji rok za prijavljivanje za ESR članstvo kako bi imali vrlo povoljne kotizacije za ECR 2018 je 31. avgust, 2017. Za više informacija o svim prednostima ESR članstva koje iznosi samo 11 evra godišnje, molimo Vas kliknite na ESR logo dolje:

Kako bi videli sve događaje i rokove do ECR 2018, molimo Vas kliknite ovde.

EFRS recommendations for the national implementation of the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)

EFRS recommendations for the national implementation of the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) role as defined under Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59 EURATOM)

Following our message below on the national implementation of the BSS, you herewith receive the „EFRS Recommendations on the Role of the Radiation Protection Officer“ highlighting the importance of this role for the radiography profession and with recommendations for further action on your national level.

It is important and urgent for National Radiographer Societies, together with the educators, to impress on the national competent authority the relevance of and the application of the RPO role for radiographers in medical exposures.


In January 2014, the European Commission published its latest Euratom Directive on Basic Safety Standards, relative to ionizing radiation, which is binding on all 28 Member States and must be implemented by February 6th 2018, in national legislation. This Directive repeals five previous Directives and seeks to both modernize and harmonise European radiation protection legislation by covering all sources of potential exposure in one document.
While the Directive retains most of the essential components of the MED 97/43 Directive, there are a number of additions of relevance to the radiography profession which all national societies should be aware of and consider actively lobbying on, in their own states in this vital period in advance of transposition of the Directive. Radiographers are key personnel, acting as the gatekeepers of patient and staff radiological protection and the key interface between patients and technology in the clinical setting. Despite this Radiographers are barely mentioned in the Directive, with Member States being given the flexibility to decide relevant responsibilities as per national practice and educational levels, while considerable additional responsibilities are overtly given to both radiologists and physicists.
This is the ONE and ONLY opportunity for national societies to have an input into this important radiation protection legislation (which may not be revised again for another decade) and to ensure Radiographers are clearly identified in their countries’ legislation and with appropriately defined legal responsibilities.

News from the EFRS AGM 2014

7th and 8th of November in Coimbra—Portugal


27 societies with 46 delegates, 15 affiliate member institutes with 17 delegates

The EFRS board for the term 2014 – 2017 was elected:


From the left: Csaba, Håkon, Clizia, Vasilis, Jonathan and Dorien (CEO)

Six new member organisations were welcomed to the EFRS:

Full members:

  • SEGRA – Sociedad Española de Graduados en Radiología (Spain)
  • PSTE, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Techników Elektroradiologii (Poland)
  • TÜMRAD-DER, Tüm Radyoloji Teknisyenleri ve Teknikerleri Derneği (Turkey)

Affiliate members:

  • Turku University of Applied Science (Finland)
  • T.E.I. Hellenic Republic Technological Educational Institution of Athens

EFRS meetings 2015:


Wednesday 4th of March: HENRE annual meeting & seminar

Friday and Saturday 6th & 7th of November: EFRS AGM during ECR in Vienna, Austria

in Kraków Poland.